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- The Sonneteer - Feature Film

The Sonneteer is a 0 budget student Feature Film. In this production my main role was the Cinematographer but still I have been part of every department. The filming of this production has ended in April 10 2022 and it is still in the editing process.

Mert Ali birer -  Tell her that too - music film

Mert Ali birer - BMKMUN'20 closing film - short video

The closing video of BMKMUN'20 was directed and edited (both sound and visual)by me. This Classic - Modern films themed closing video's idea and script belongs to me.

Mert Ali birer - Dinner with a murderer - IB short film

This is the first production of mine and in this production my aim was to highlight the German Expressionism. Moreover this was one of the IB Film Study assignments. I directed, edited and the song that is used in the movie,Moonlight Sonata first movement, has been played by me for this film.

Mert Ali birer - Hotel akana- promotion film

This production, which I directed, is a short trailer movie for the Hotel Akana in Bodrum, Turkey. My role in this production was, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Director and Actor. 

Mert Ali birer - the quarantine - short movie

The final production of mine for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Film SL was about one of the global situations Covid19 and Quarantine. Due to lock down there are some technical mistakes in this film. In this production I have the role of the whole crew due to shooting under the circumstances of Covid19 Quarantine. 

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